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Many times, the impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is obvious. The victim is left in a coma or otherwise permanently incapacitated. Other times, however, the impact is not quite as obvious, but it is, nevertheless, just as life changing. The person may suffer brain damage that causes memory loss, change in attitude, depression, headaches, change in performance at school or work, increased aggression and diminished functioning from a head injury.

Take the case of “J.C.”, a 34-year-old man working as a pipefitter in a factory. He was seriously injured when a lift malfunctioned and he was pinned between the lift and ceiling, crushed, until a co-worker found him. J.C. suffered significant brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

This was a complex case that demanded an extensive, thorough investigation to identify what happened. Our legal team was able to determine that the lift had been improperly maintained and that the equipment had an inherently poor safety design. Several of the defendants settled for undisclosed sums prior to trial.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in the workplace, like J.C.’s did, and are also commonly sustained in trip-and-fall accidents, vehicle wrecks, construction accidents. Recent studies reflect the risks of traumatic brain injuries in sports (Infographic: Football: Worth the Risk?).

Regardless of the cause, traumatic brain injury claims can be difficult cases to litigate. The defense may challenge the diagnosis or severity of the injury. Symptoms of brain injuries often fluctuate, and it can be challenging for a jury to immediately understand the impact of the injury if they are not familiar with a plaintiff’s normal functioning before the accident.

We build a legal team specifically to handle your case.

Our law firm is dedicated to securing the most qualified experts available (irrespective of cost) for your case. Traumatic brain injury claims can be complex, and the proficiency of your experts is crucial in both the investigation and litigation phases of your claim. We are committed to doing what others have not done before, if that is what it takes to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. Our experts will come from around the world if necessary.

Since 1976, we have stood beside accident victims in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. Attorney Mike Stephenson has litigated injury claims in 18 states and served as lead trial counsel in more than 100 civil jury trials.

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What types of financial recovery can be secured?

A financial recovery cannot heal all wounds or restore life to be exactly the way it was before. However, a financial recovery can ease the burdens caused by overwhelming medical bills, loss of income, and disability:

  • Medical Costs: The cost of hospital bills, as well as the cost of lifelong care, which is necessary in many head-injury cases.
  • Pain and Suffering: Not only the physical pain and suffering, but the emotional impact of having to deal with a life-changing injury.
  • Lost Wages: A brain injury can cause the individual to miss work temporarily or leave the person permanently unable to work.
TBI Indiana Lawyer

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