$5 million settlement

We recently won a $5 million settlement for a wrongful death & injury case to survivor due to car crash.

Death can happen to anyone at any time. When it happens to a close loved one because of the mistakes of another person, it is particularly devastating. Our Brownsville, IN, wrongful death lawyer has worked with many people who have lost their loved ones in horrible conditions like this. It is our goal, then, to ensure that you get the compensation owed to you in this situation.

If you lost a loved one through the actions or inactions of another person, and we can prove negligence, you may be eligible for compensation for that loss. Let our wrongful death lawyers in Brownsville, IN, help you determine whether that is the case.

Since 1976, we’ve successfully helped get compensation for people who have lost family members because of the wrongful actions of others. We want to help you, too.

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What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is the legal term for a death that was caused through the negligence of another. Wrongful death claims ask for damages to compensate eligible family members for what they’ve lost due to the death. Note, however, that not all family members are eligible to file or collect in a wrongful death claim.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be pursued in many different circumstances. Wrongful death suits are commonly sought after a death caused by:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Defective drugs or medical devices
  • Unsafe work environments or machinery
  • Dangerous road or construction conditions
  • Unsafe property conditions.

Any time a loved one dies unexpectedly, there’s a chance their death was the avoidable result of another’s negligence. Taking the time to consult with a wrongful death attorney in Brownsville, IN, can make a big difference to your finances as you navigate medical bills, funeral costs, lost income, and other unanticipated expenses after an unexpected death.

Are you facing this situation? If so, we encourage you to reach out to our Brownsville wrongful death attorney. Let us talk to you about what has happened and what can be done to help you in this very worrisome time.

Why Choose Stephenson Rife

Our Brownsville Wrongful Death Lawyers Have a Record of Results

When you need wrongful death lawyers in Brownsville, IN, Stephenson Rife is here for you. Our experienced and successful attorneys have a long track record of gaining sizeable compensation sums for families who have lost a loved one through negligence.

The driven team of attorneys at Stephenson Rife believes that clients should never have to settle for anything less than their best interests. Our high skill level is demonstrated by our past case results, our client testimonials, and our distinguished legal awards, all of which help lend clients peace of mind when it comes to choosing a wrongful death attorney in Brownsville, IN.

If you’ve lost a loved one and believe another’s negligence may have played a role, learn your options by speaking with our wrongful death attorney in Brownsville, IN. Contact Stephenson Rife by calling (317) 680-2501 to discuss the possibility of compensation after losing a loved one in a wrongful death.

What Will Our Wrongful Death Attorney in Brownsville, IN, Do for You?

When you meet with our wrongful death attorneys in Brownsville, IN, we will discuss your case with you openly, gathering as much information as possible about it. We will then work through the following process:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Establish liability
  • Consult with experts and witnesses
  • Handle insurance communication and paperwork
  • Establish a compensation target
  • Skillfully negotiate on your behalf
  • Offer strong representation in court.

Throughout that process, we will provide you with constant information about your case. We treat you with respect and work to aggressively protect you. Your Brownsville, IN, wrongful death lawyer can answer any questions for you to help ensure your rights are protected throughout this process.

Our Brownsville, IN, wrongful death lawyers at Stephenson Rife LLP provide personalized representation tailored to meet the needs of your circumstances. With the right representation, you can receive the most compensation possible.

Do I Need A Brownsville Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Your Chances of Winning Your Case Are Higher with an Attorney

You will typically stand a better chance of getting the full value of damages with the help of our experienced Brownsville wrongful death attorney, who understands how insurers operate and how to effectively negotiate with them. Wrongful death cases are one of the most difficult types of lawsuits to successfully navigate. Insurance companies are reluctant to pay out.

When a wrongful death is caused by the negligence of a corporation or organization, the legal fight may have added challenges. Companies may have established protocols and their own legal teams to help protect them from liability in situations like wrongful death. And on top of taking on the company’s legal team, our Brownsville wrongful death lawyer will have to take on the insurer’s lawyers, too.

Dealing with extensive legal documentation, the collection of evidence, and building a strong case requires the services of a trained legal professional if you hope to achieve full compensation. When you work with Stephenson Rife, our attorney will need to do extensive work to prove wrongful death occurred.

Our attorneys will also help you with all the details in your Brownsville wrongful death case. We make sure that you meet filing deadlines and that paperwork is correctly completed. Our attorney will also help you value your claim so that you ask for the full compensation to which you are entitled and don’t leave money on the table. And our skilled wrongful death attorney in Brownsville, IN, will fight for your interests throughout every step in the process, allowing you to focus on your loved ones during this time of mourning.

Now is your time to get help. You do not have to go through this process on your own. Let our wrongful death attorneys in Brownsville, IN, work closely with you to handle every aspect of your case. That way, you and your family can grieve privately, knowing you will get compensation for the losses owed to you.

Brownsville, IN, Wrongful Death FAQs

Our wrongful death lawyers in Brownsville, IN, provide you with outstanding information and guidance when you come in to speak to us. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Here are some common questions that may help you initially.

  • We operate on a contingency fee basis. That means you do not pay for our legal services until you win your case. Our wrongful death attorneys in Brownsville, IN, will work closely with you during your consultation to help you understand what our fees are.

  • This is always dependent on your specific situation. However, you may be able to get help to cover medical bills, funeral and burial costs, and lost wages and benefits. Keep in mind that Indiana does not allow for pain and suffering of the deceased before the death, and it does not allow for the recovery of punitive damages.

  • In short, the answer is no. If they are pressuring you to settle fast, that often means they are trying to minimize what they pay out. No matter how nice they are to you, always have a Brownsville wrongful death attorney by your side. You do not want to face these situations on your own.

  • You may know that your loved one died due to the negligence of another person, but you may be unsure what you need to do to get justice for them. Make your first call to a wrongful death attorney in Brownsville, IN. Our team will help you determine if you have a case as the first step. We will then work to gather evidence in your case. Our professionals are dedicated to working closely with you throughout the entire process.

    When you work with our wrongful death lawyers in Brownsville, IN, you know you are getting the best support possible in your case. Do not overlook the fact that we are working to protect your rights.

Contact Our Brownsville Wrongful Death Attorney Today

We Fight for Justice When a Loved One Is Lost

Wrongful death is one of the most difficult and emotional hurdles you and your family can encounter. The grief of any loss is bad enough. The knowledge that a loved one’s loss was the avoidable result of another’s negligence makes the death even more difficult to accept.

No amount of compensation can bring your loved one back. What it can do is allow your family time to grieve without financial stress, and it can serve justice to the responsible party.

If you believe the death of a loved one may have been a wrongful death, don’t hesitate to take action. Contact Stephenson Rife by calling (317) 680-2501 and schedule your free consultation with our Brownsville, IN, wrongful death lawyer.

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