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Shelbyville Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Electricity is a part of everyday life. You wake up in the morning and turn on your lights. To get to and from work, you drive a car or ride in public transportation that is at least partially powered by electricity. Just reading these words means you are using electricity in some way. And like many things that have become a part of everyday life, you most likely don’t think a lot about the dangers that are posed by electricity, the devices that use it, and the devices used to transmit it. But just because you don’t think about it, that doesn’t mean the danger isn’t there. And if you or a loved one is seriously injured by electrocution, you will need the help of a Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer.

Many serious electrocution injuries are preventable. For example, if a business owner places a warning sign in the right spot or appropriately protects employees, electrocutions usually won’t happen. But when those actions aren’t taken, someone gets hurt by the negligence of others. When you are the person who has been hurt, a Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured due to electrocution? If you act quickly, you can get the compensation you deserve. Contact a Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer at (317) 680-2501 today to learn more about your legal options.

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Shelbyville Electrocution Injury Lawyers with a Lifetime of Experience

Serious electrocution injuries are uncommon enough that many attorneys may not entirely know how to deal with these types of cases. That is a problem with any personal injury case. The more time an attorney needs to spend researching the relevant laws or speaking to medical consultants to understand the extent of the injuries, the longer it will take for them to start taking meaningful action on your case. That delay could cost thousands or even millions.

At Stephenson Rife, we have decades of experience. Our Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers will quickly evaluate your case and your injuries using information learned over a lifetime of handling similar cases. Our knowledgeable lawyers will begin investigating the incident and contacting appropriate parties — perhaps before you even get out of the hospital. Speed and efficiency are the main benefits of experience.

With familiarity also comes empathy and compassion. Our Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers understand how devastating electrocution burns can be. You aren’t suffering from just a small jolt. Typically, you are facing lifelong burn scars and nervous system damage. We understand how much pain you are in and will do everything in our power to maximize your comfort while we handle your legal matters.

Common Causes of Electrocution Injuries

Most people have probably been shocked when plugging in an appliance. While this is technically an electrocution injury, it isn’t serious. A serious electrocution injury is one where the victim has significant contact with a high-voltage charge. These types of injuries most often occur when you contact:

  • Downed power lines
  • Live overhead power lines or attached equipment
  • Malfunctioning machinery or appliances
  • Any type of electrical equipment that has been submerged (or that you touch while you are standing in water).

Contact with this equipment causes electricity to travel through your body. At a minimum, this disrupts portions of your nervous system. However, it can be much more serious.

Common Electrocution Injuries

There are a lot of factors that determine how serious an electrical shock is. You will suffer different injuries based on the amount of voltage, how the current moves through your body, and how soon medical personnel treat you. Some of the more common injuries are:

  • Second- or third-degree burns
  • Cardiac problems, including heart attacks
  • Seizures
  • Muscle contractions
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Brain damage.

While it may not always be obvious because most electrocution injuries are internal, electricity always burns the victim in some way. Electrical burns are not meaningfully different from fire or heat burns in terms of the damage they cause.  Burns on organs or muscles are harder to treat because they are below the skin. This causes the type of serious injuries that require significant medical care. Your Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer has the experience to assess these injuries and accurately determine the value of your case.

A serious electrocution injury may require a lifetime of treatment to recover from. This costs more money than most people have. If you were injured due to the negligence of another party, the Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers at Stephenson Rife will help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our law firm today at (317) 680-2501 to schedule a free case consultation.

How a Shelbyville Electrocution Injury Lawyer Can Help

How Lawyers from Stephenson Rife Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Serious electrocution injuries are no joke. Typically, they are catastrophic injuries that require hospitalization and the care of a medical specialist. At Stephenson Rife, we are committed to getting you the compensation you need for these types of injuries.

To start, we will investigate your case as quickly as possible. This means that we will talk to witnesses, look for physical evidence, and subpoena any video evidence if it exists. Our Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers will also discuss the case with you, visiting you at the hospital or in your home if you can’t get to our office. The main goal of this investigation is to determine whether negligence was responsible for your injuries. Some of the more common causes of negligence are:

  • Lack of safety checks or procedures in a workplace
  • Failure to place warning signs near electrocution hazards
  • Failure to quickly act after an electrical wire falls or breaks.

The more evidence we can find of negligence, the stronger your case — and this doesn’t just include evidence of negligence. Our Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers will also collect as much evidence as possible to show the extent of your injuries. This is how we prove the value of your case, either to an insurance adjuster during negotiations or to a jury at trial. Typically, all this evidence results in a negotiated settlement for much more than an insurance company would have offered you as part of the claims process. And when it doesn’t go that well, our Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyers are always prepared to take your case to trial.

Electrocution Injury FAQs

It’s likely that you have never dealt with a serious electrocution injury or a personal injury lawsuit before. Naturally, you have plenty of questions. Here are answers to the most common questions we get.

How much will a Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer cost me?

At Stephenson Rife, we take these cases on contingency. That means we take a percentage of the money that we obtain for you as a fee after the case is complete. It also means that we don’t charge you anything if we fail to get you money.

How long will my case take?

Typically, cases take a few weeks to a few months to resolve. It may take longer if we have difficulty gathering evidence, but as long as it ends in a settlement, it shouldn’t take more than a year. If the case goes to trial, you might have to wait a few years.

Should I accept a settlement from an insurance company?

You should accept a settlement only if your attorney has assessed it and confirmed it is fair.

How much money will I get in compensation?

Every case is different, so we can’t answer this question until we assess your claim. However, our attorneys will do everything possible to maximize your compensation and won’t accept an unfair settlement offer from the insurance company. We can typically give you an accurate estimate during your free consultation.

Can I get money for pain and suffering if I was scarred?

Yes. If you suffer burn scars that will never fully heal, we will seek non-economic damages to compensate you for the emotional suffering you will experience due to those scars.

If you have any unanswered questions, our lawyers will be happy to answer them free of charge.

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Serious electrocution injuries are often caused by the negligence of others. If you or a loved one was seriously hurt by another person’s actions, our law firm is here to help you get the money you deserve.

Don’t wait to act after suffering a serious electrocution injury. Contact a Shelbyville electrocution injury lawyer at Stephenson Rife at (317) 680-2501 today.

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