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We took more than 60 depositions in five different states. Because of Stephenson’s tireless advocacy, shortly before the trial was to commence, the defendants settled the case for $48.5 million.

Experienced Indianapolis Train Accidents Lawyer

Train accidents can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. In Indianapolis, both freight and passenger trains are a common presence. While trains play a vital role in the economy by facilitating transportation of goods, accidents involving them can be devastating. Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are susceptible to injuries from train-related incidents. Even passengers who rely on trains for transportation are not immune to the risks posed by railroad accidents.

In 2019, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported 1,848 train accidents. Most of these incidents (approximately 70%) were derailments, with the remainder resulting from collisions (6%) and other unspecified causes. Although a derailment may not initially sound like a major concern, considering the potential aftermath is crucial. The consequences could be catastrophic if a train spills cargo or hazardous materials into an area. Many of these trains also transport volatile chemicals or other flammable substances.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a train accident in Indiana, contact the train accident lawyers at Stephenson Rife. We will assess the details of your case and, if possible, file a personal injury lawsuit. If there was a fatality, we can also file a wrongful death claim.

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Why Choose Stephenson Rife Train Accident Attorneys?

In the unfortunate event of a train accident, individuals and their families often face immense physical, emotional, and financial challenges. When seeking justice and compensation in such cases, it is crucial to have a skilled and experienced legal team by your side.

Stephenson Rife, a renowned law firm which handles train accident cases, stands out as a top choice for those needing expert legal representation. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Expertise in Train Accident Law

Our train accident attorneys know train accident law. We understand the complex regulations, safety standards, and liability issues specific to the railroad industry. This specialized knowledge allows us to build strong cases on behalf of our clients and effectively navigate the intricacies of train accident litigation.

Resources for Comprehensive Investigations

Train accidents involve multiple parties, including railroad companies, equipment manufacturers, and government agencies. Stephenson Rife has the resources and connections necessary to conduct thorough investigations. We work with accident reconstruction experts, industry specialists, and other professionals to gather evidence and determine liability. This commitment to comprehensive investigations strengthens our clients’ cases.

Compassionate and Personalized Approach

Beyond our legal expertise, we are known for our compassionate and personalized client representation approach. We understand the physical and emotional toll train accidents can take on victims and their families. By providing empathetic support and tailored legal strategies, we ensure clients receive the care and attention they deserve throughout the legal process.

Skilled Negotiators and Litigators

Whether through negotiation or litigation, our attorneys are skilled advocates. We have a reputation for aggressively pursuing fair settlements while being fully prepared to go to trial if necessary. This dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients sets us apart in train accident law.

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How Our Train Accident Attorney Can Help With Train Accident Cases in Indianapolis

Much like other personal injury claims, securing compensation in a train accident case involves navigating complex legal proceedings. This typically entails dealing with various parties, such as the train operator, railway company, and insurance companies. When facing questions of liability and the intricate Indiana rail laws, it is essential to have a dedicated Indianapolis train accident attorney protecting your rights.

Railway companies often benefit from significant federal protection and immunity, particularly in certain types of crossings. Additionally, railroad investigators are the first responders to an Indiana train accident in many cases, giving them a head start in collecting crucial evidence, including any audio or video recordings from the train itself.

Therefore, seeking legal counsel at the earliest opportunity is highly advisable. Our Indianapolis train accident lawyers can promptly initiate an investigation and work toward preserving evidence that the railroad company’s investigative team may have already gathered. We can also enlist the expertise of a highly qualified railroad expert to help us understand the events leading up to the accident, why it occurred, and whether it could have been prevented.

You can file a claim against any individual or entity deemed responsible for the train accident, whether it’s the railroad company, an engineer, or a conductor. Stephenson Rife can help you determine who should be held accountable, empowering you to pursue a comprehensive and just recovery. Let us handle the legal complexities while you focus on your healing. From managing paperwork to negotiating with involved parties, you can trust us to guide you toward a favorable resolution in your train accident case.

Who Can I Sue After a Train Accident in Indianapolis?

Establishing liability is an essential aspect of any personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Your case cannot succeed unless it can be demonstrated that the responsible party (or parties) had a duty of care toward you, violated that duty, and this violation directly led to your injury or loss.

A breach of duty of care can occur through intentional action or negligence. In train wreck incidents, negligence is more frequently the cause, as the responsible party usually did not intend to cause the accident.

The entities you pursue your claim against will vary depending on your accident. For instance:

  • Companies in charge of train ownership or operation may be liable for damages if they neglect to maintain their rail cars, trains, and equipment properly. They may also be held responsible if they hire employees lacking the required qualifications or fail to provide adequate training or supervision.
  • Train component manufacturers may be liable if a defect in their product contributed to the wreck.
  • Drivers of other vehicles can be held responsible if they leave their vehicle on the tracks, leading to an accident.

Damages in Indianapolis Train Accident Cases

You may need extensive medical treatment and care if you’ve been injured in a train accident. These expenses can quickly accumulate depending on the severity and type of injuries. Beyond medical costs, victims of train accidents may also seek compensation for lost income, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Our train accident attorneys are fully prepared to explore every avenue of compensation for injured clients and their families. We conduct thorough independent investigations to gather evidence that strengthens your claim and helps optimize your recovery. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation and case evaluation.

Indianapolis Train Accident F.A.Q.s

What should I do if a loved one is killed or injured in a train accident?

If your loved one is incapacitated due to severe injuries or has tragically lost their life in a train accident, seeking legal representation on their behalf is essential. Consult with Indianapolis train accident lawyers to discuss the details of the incident, and we can guide you through the necessary steps.

What steps should I take if I’m involved in a train accident as a passenger or bystander?

After seeking medical attention, it’s essential to gather information, including contact details of witnesses and photos of the scene. Consult with our train accident lawyer to understand your legal options.

How long do I have to file a legal claim after a train accident in Indianapolis?

The statute of limitations for filing a train accident claim in Indiana is generally two years from the date of the accident. However, it’s crucial to consult with an attorney for specific details.

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