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JR was offered a settlement of $35,000. The jury returned a verdict in her favor for $157,000, a net verdict over two times the amount offered by the RTB’s insurance company.

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McNeely Stephenson is one of the leading law firms nationwide to litigate accident claims caused by tire failures. The following accident case summaries outline the tragedy of lost lives and destroyed families due to product defects and tire separation.
Our attorneys are proud to have represented these families and aid with their recovery.

J.M. and His Wife

Tire Tread Separation

A large chain tire retailer sold an “almost new” eight year old tire to an unsuspecting buyer in Nevada. As the young man was driving his Ford Bronco along a two-lane state road, the tire failed causing him to lose control and go left of center striking a motorcycle killing J.M. and his wife.

McNeely Stephenson was hired and went to Nevada to examine the wreck and the tire. The family had been advised initially that the age of the tire would prevent the successful prosecution of a wrongful death action against the manufacturer. Thorough research and the employment of national experts led to the conclusion that the original assessment was incorrect. A thorough expert analysis of the tire, along with a trip to the tire manufacturing facility and obtaining the factory specifications for the tire, allowed attorney Mike Stephenson to produce objective evidence that the tire had been improperly manufactured by the manufacturer’s own standards. Stephenson, with the assistance of highly specialized computer animation, put together a state-of-the-art visual presentation that showed objectively how the tire failed to meet the manufacturer’s own standards. This technology demonstrated clearly the magnitude of defects in the tire and how easy it would be to show a jury the reason for the tire failure.

The case settled after the presentation of the computer animation.

C.W.’s Spare Tire

Indiana Tire Failure Accident

C.W. purchased a used 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. Eighteen months after purchasing the vehicle, he had a flat tire on the rear of the vehicle. C.W. took the spare tire off the back of the vehicle and placed it in service. The spare tire looked brand new, even though the tire was actually very old. As he was driving on the interstate, the tire suffered a tread belt separation causing him to lose control, travel into the median, and roll the vehicle several times. The vehicle was originally equipped with Dueler 684 tires manufactured by Bridgestone/Firestone. Our client became a quadriplegic as a result of the accident. Suit was filed against Bridgestone Corporation and the car dealership in Cincinnati that sold the car to C.W., not advising him that the tire was in such poor condition. Stephenson was able to obtain a confidential settlement against both entities.

Serious Litigators

Stephenson was hired by a Florida law firm to assist in pursuing a personal injury case against Bridgestone/Firestone in a catastrophic accident involving a Dueler 684 tire that suffered a tread belt separation causing a rollover of a Honda Passport. As a result of the catastrophic tire failure, four people lost their lives. The litigation had been pending for four years when Stephenson was hired to appear in the litigation on behalf of the plaintiffs. Within 12 months of Stephenson’s involvement, the case was concluded after 14 hours of mediation for a confidential sum payable to the estate of the deceased.

A.M.’s Accident

A.M. was 14 years old when she was riding as a front seat passenger in a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo being driven by her best friend. The vehicle had been recently purchased by her friend’s father. Unfortunately, the Honda Passport had a Dueler 684 tire placed on the right rear of the vehicle that suffered a tread belt separation as the vehicle was traveling on the interstate in Nevada. Stephenson was hired to assist the plaintiffs’ attorney to pursue the claim against Bridgestone/Firestone. After nearly two years of litigation, a confidential settlement was obtained at mediation payable to A.M.’s parents.

A Family Devastated

Stephenson was hired by Attorney Joseph Johnson to assist in pursuing a case against Michelin on behalf of four children who lost both parents and three siblings when the vehicle that they were riding in rolled over as a result of a tread belt separation of a Michelin tire that was on the right rear of the vehicle. The case had been in litigation for more than two years when Stephenson became involved and, in less than nine months after his involvement, the case was brought to a conclusion for a confidential sum payable to the guardian of the estate for the benefit of the four surviving children.

real-life cases

“B.K.” was driving on a two-lane road one Sunday afternoon with his mother in the front seat and his brother and sister-in-law in the back seat when his life was forever changed. B.K. was struck head on by D.C.

D.C. had spent the day drinking with a friend and had stopped at a restaurant less than five miles from the point of the accident where D.C. had been served several drinks. D.C.’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

As a result of the terrible wreck, B.K. received devastating injuries, which included multiple broken bones, facial fractures, and loss of vision. B.K.’s mother, brother, and sister-in-law were all killed in the accident.

As one would anticipate, D.C. had virtually no insurance. Stephenson, through his thorough and detailed investigation, was able to prepare claims against the restaurant and those that provided the alcohol.

Stephenson pursued dram shop claims against those responsible CASE SUMMARY

D.H. was a competitive bicyclist who was riding in preparation for a cross-country fundraising ride. In the spring of 2010, D.H. was riding across an old steel-grated deck bridge in Shelby County when he hit a hole in the bridge and flipped over the handlebars of his bike. The impact to the bridge decking caused severe injuries to his face, teeth, tongue, and elbow.

Through the investigation, they were able to learn as early as 1998, the bridge inspection reports showed the bridge in question needed to be replaced. The county never authorized additional inspections. The county obtained $844,000 in funding for the replacement of the bridge in 2000, but the Historical Society and adjacent property owners wanted the bridge repaired rather than replaced.

This crash could have been avoided if the inspectors and county had done their jobs. CASE SUMMARY

Our client (“D.W.”) was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a UDF truck making deliveries. D.W. received broken arms and legs, as well as internal injuries. Stephenson was retained by D.W.’s personal counsel to prepare and try the case. Discovery determined that the UDF driver had multiple driving violations. Stephenson retained numerous experts to show the jury the devastating effects of the injuries. Before trial, the defendant’s company stated that a jury in a small southern county in Indiana would never return a verdict for $1 million in this case.

The defendant was correct; the verdict was twice that amount. CASE SUMMARY

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