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"M.A.," a 30-year-old man, was driving to work in New Mexico. Suddenly a commercial truck veered across the center line and struck his vehicle head on. M.A. died at the scene. The McNeely Stephenson firm was hired shortly after the crash to represent the family of the deceased.

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Injuries that Resulted from a Delayed C-Section

Nearly one-third of all birth deliveries are cesarean sections. Some of these C-sections are elective (meaning that this method of delivery was preferred by the mother), while others are performed for medical reasons. These procedures are much more common than they used to be, and doctors are generally more knowledgeable about identifying risk factors during a pregnancy or birth and determining when a C-section should be performed.

This pregnant woman could be injured from a delayed C-section.

Mothers depend heavily on the advice and the judgment of healthcare professionals to determine whether they and their baby will be best served by a C-section or a vaginal birth.

Unfortunately for mothers and their newborns, doctors don’t always make the right call when it comes to the timing of a C-section. The results for a family can be nothing short of disastrous.

The delayed C-section injury attorneys at McNeely Stephenson can help you hold negligent healthcare professionals accountable for their malpractice. We have fought for many families to earn compensation for the devastating injuries suffered because of a doctor’s mistakes.

Doctors Are Expected to Know What to Look For

Delayed C-section malpractice.

Doctors, especially those with any experience with pregnancy, should be able to determine when a C-section is necessary. Some typical characteristics that doctors will look for include:

  • If a mother has had a C-section before
  • If the fetus is over a certain weight
  • If the mother has certain infections or medical conditions
  • If there is the possibility of a breech birth
  • If the fetus is in distress or there is a blockage of blood flow to the baby during the birthing process.

These warning signs, along with many others, should prompt a doctor to act as quickly as possible to perform a C-section. Professionals are expected to know when it is in the best interest of a mother and/or the baby for this procedure to take place. A responsible doctor will not only look for warning signs well before a mother goes into labor, they will also look for warning signs once labor begins.

Once they come to that realization, they must respond quickly.

A Delayed C-Section Can Have Lasting Consequences

If a medical professional fails to act quickly once they see the signs of a complication, their mistakes can have serious, lasting consequences for a mother and the newborn child. There are several possible outcomes of a delayed C-section, including:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Birth hypoxia, or blockage of oxygen to the brain
  • Developmental problems in a child
  • A risk for other serious birth injuries.
A delayed C-Section injury calls for legal support from a C-Section lawyer.

Birth injuries can cause a great deal of pain and suffering to a mother or a child. They can also cause many setbacks for a family, some of which might last throughout the entire life of the injured baby. For example, the lifetime costs of cerebral palsy alone can be close to $1 million, once direct and indirect costs are factored in. Sadly, a birth injury can lead to a lifetime of financial hardships, expensive medical care, ongoing treatment, difficulties earning income and a diminished quality of life.

If your child’s injuries are due to a delayed C-section, you might be able to find justice through a medical malpractice claim. Our attorneys have years of experience investigating and handling these types of cases. We help you determine the cause of your child’s injuries and find out who might be at fault. Medical malpractice claims provide a family with the opportunity to hold a negligent doctor accountable for the damage they’ve caused and can often result in payments that help a family cope with the incredible emotional and financial fallout resulting from a birth injury. Contact McNeely Stephenson at 317-825-5200 today to learn more about how we can help you.

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We have won numerous multi-million dollar cases for our clients.

See examples of how we helped clients whose lives were turned upside down by reckless or negligent acts of others. We took on negligent county officials when D.H. flew over his handlebars while riding on a bridge left in disrepair for years. We brought justice to the family of of J.M. and his wife after a defective tire ended their lives. We held a drunk driver and those who served him alcohol accountable when he seriously injured B.K., who also lost three family members in a crash.

Read more examples of how we get justice and compensation for our clients.


When something goes wrong with a C-section, talk to our attorney.

A skilled injury attorney, with the assistance of experts, will be able to scrutinize the medical records and events surrounding your child’s birth to determine whether his or her birth injury resulted from medical malpractice. Success in a birth injury lawsuit rests on the ability to show that the medical provider’s actions fell below a reasonable standard of care. Mike Stephenson, a partner with the Indianapolis firm McNeely Stephenson, is a skilled and caring personal injury lawyer who has been successfully litigating personal injury and medical malpractice cases in Indiana since 1981. He has the experience necessary to seek justice from the medical establishment and malpractice insurers. If you are worried about your child’s birth injury, hand the worry over to Mike Stephenson and let his firm’s resources back you up.

Call 317-825-5200 or use our online form. McNeely Stephenson. We believe justice matters.

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