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We took more than 60 depositions in five different states. Because of Stephenson’s tireless advocacy, shortly before the trial was to commence, the defendants settled the case for $48.5 million.

Indianapolis International Airport serves as a bustling center of activity, but safety concerns can arise despite its significance in people’s lives. While most people associate airplane travel accidents with incidents in the air, it’s important to recognize that numerous accidents can happen even before a plane takes off.

Indianapolis airport accident lawyers understand the importance of protecting passengers. Negligence on the part of airport staff can lead to devastating accidents resulting in severe injuries or wrongful deaths. Thousands of people sustain injuries while navigating these airports due to hazardous conditions caused by airlines, transportation authorities, and their contractors.

Different circumstances within the airport can give rise to personal injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents, incidents on jetways and boarding ramps, collisions in parking lots, and accidents involving escalators, rolling boarding staircases, and moving walkways are just a few examples, each capable of causing significant harm. We have secured settlements for passengers who were injured by unsafe and defective floors and walking surfaces in boarding areas. We have also represented clients affected by malfunctioning baggage carousels and escalators, tarmac bus collisions, and instances where individuals with special needs or disabilities were mishandled by ground personnel.

Under premises liability law, you can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and other related damages. However, the responsible party, or defendant, will vary depending on the specific circumstances.

If you know someone who has suffered injuries from an airport accident, contact Stephenson Rife Airport Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis. Our team of experienced airport injury lawyers possesses the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to navigate the complexities of airport-related litigation. We are well-versed in the laws governing accidents and injuries within airport premises.

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Why Choose Stephenson Rife Indianapolis Airport Accident Lawyers?

An airport accident can be overwhelming, and navigating the legal complexities without professional guidance can be daunting. An experienced airport accident lawyer can protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Stephenson Rife’s expertise and experience with airport accidents in Indianapolis can get you compensation and justice following an airport accident.

Here are some reasons to choose Stephenson Rife:

  • Specialization in Airport Accident Cases: Our airport accident lawyers have in-depth knowledge of these accident laws, regulations, and complexities. By focusing on this area of law, we have developed the expertise required to navigate the unique challenges that arise in airport accident claims.
  • Thorough Investigation and Evidence Collection: One of our key strengths is our commitment to conducting thorough investigations and collecting compelling evidence. We understand the importance of building a strong case by identifying liable parties, gathering witness statements, obtaining surveillance footage, and engaging expert witnesses when necessary. This meticulous approach helps establish liability and demonstrate the extent of damages suffered by our clients, thereby strengthening the overall legal position.
  • Personalized Approach and Client Support: We recognize that every client’s situation is unique. We provide personalized attention and support throughout the legal process. From the initial consultation to the resolution of the case, you can expect open communication, timely updates, and clear explanations of your legal options.
  • Compassionate Advocacy: Dealing with the aftermath of an airport accident can be emotionally and physically taxing. Stephenson Rife recognizes the importance of providing compassionate support to clients. Our airport accident lawyers approach each case with empathy and understanding, providing a supportive environment where you can share your experiences and concerns.

You need an experienced Indiana airport accident lawyer to handle your airport injury case. Contact Stephenson Rife at 317-680-2501 to schedule a free phone, video meeting, or in-person consultation.

Types of Airport Accidents

Different types of airport accidents can occur due to airport operations’ complex and bustling nature.

Here are some common types of airport accidents:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Negligent security
  • Poor lighting
  • Construction work
  • Hotel accidents
  • Restaurant accidents
  • Dangerous sidewalks and parking garages
  • Baggage handling accidents
  • Hazardous material incidents.

Steps to Follow After an Airport Accident

Knowing the steps to take to protect yourself, gather evidence, and preserve your rights is important. Here are some crucial steps to follow after an airport accident:

  • Get witnesses’ names and contact information, especially employees involved in the incident. This will help in tracking down individuals involved later on.
  • Exercise caution when speaking to anyone, especially airline or airport personnel. Avoid making reactionary statements that could be used against you in an aviation negligence case. Keep interactions minimal and, if necessary, inform persistent individuals that you will communicate only in the presence of your lawyer.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene promptly. Airports often address premises defects quickly, and preserving evidence through photographs can be crucial.
  • Get medical attention immediately, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Some injuries may not immediately manifest, and a medical examination provides evidence for your case. Follow the doctor’s advice to protect your legal position.
  • Take pictures of your injuries. These photographs can serve as compelling evidence during legal proceedings.
  • Write down a detailed account of the incident while it is fresh in your memory. Keep this document confidential and secure. It will help you recall important details accurately and prevent inconsistencies.
  • Consider engaging an experienced Indianapolis airport accident lawyer immediately. Your attorney will begin building your case and serve as a buffer between you and the airport’s legal counsel, who may attempt to pressure you into accepting an inadequate settlement or making damaging statements.

Who Is Responsible if You Are Injured at the Airport?

Determining liability for your airport injuries involves considering several factors. These factors include:

  • Assessing whether the accident was preventable
  • Identifying whether someone’s negligence directly caused the accident
  • Determining whether someone’s negligence resulted in your injuries.

Multiple parties, such as airport management, flight maintenance technicians, and the airline or airport company, may be responsible. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is essential to analyze the specifics of your accident and determine the appropriate parties to include in your claim.

Recovering Compensation

If you can establish negligence on the part of the airport, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained. The compensation you may be entitled to include both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages address the financial impact of your injuries, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and needing help for daily tasks. These damages aim to cover the tangible costs you have incurred.

In addition to economic damages, you may also be eligible for non-economic damages. These are the intangible effects of the accident, such as the decline in your quality of life, emotional distress, and the physical and emotional pain you have endured.

Contact An Experienced Indianapolis Airport Accident Lawyer Today

When faced with an airport accident and the resulting injuries, it is important to get help from experienced airport accident lawyers in Indianapolis. At Stephenson Rife, we have proven trial attorneys with experience, tenacity, and unwavering commitment to our client’s success. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the maximum compensation.

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Is the airport always at fault for injuries that happen at the airport?

Determining liability in personal injury cases involving airports is a complex matter influenced by multiple factors. While airports may not always be held responsible for your injuries, several parties could be liable depending on the circumstances.

If the accident that caused your injuries could have been prevented by airport management, airport personnel, or the airline, the airline or airport company may be liable for your damages.

It’s important to note that liability and fault are not interchangeable terms. Liability refers to legal responsibility, whereas fault pertains to identifying the parties responsible for the incident. To establish liability, you must prove that the involved party was negligent and that this negligence directly caused your injuries.

How long does it take to resolve an airport accident case?

The timeline for resolving an airport accident case depends on various factors, including the case’s complexity and the parties’ willingness to negotiate. Some cases may be settled through negotiations, while others may require litigation and go to trial. An attorney can provide a better estimate of the timeline based on the specific circumstances of your case.

Is it necessary to hire an attorney for an airport accident claim?

While hiring an attorney is not a legal requirement, it is recommended. A personal injury lawyer will guide you through the complexity of airport accident claims, collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for your rights.

Will I have to go to court for my airport accident claim?

Not all airport accident claims go to court. A settlement may be achieved through negotiations with the involved parties, including insurance companies. However, your case may go to court if a fair settlement is not reached or liability is disputed. Your attorney will represent your interests and guide you through the legal process, whether in settlement negotiations or litigation.

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