Our Top Ten Blogs of 2016

If you have habits similar to many internet readers these days, a blog can be just the right length to learn more about a topic of interest. Here at McNeely Stephenson, a wide-ranging assortment of topics landed on our 2016 Top Ten Blogs List. If you haven’t been keeping up with our blogs, or if you are curious whether your favorites ended up on the list, read on.

2016 Blog Categories

The 2016 Top Ten blogs, when grouped into categories, were as follows:

We concentrate our practice in these areas, so it’s not accidental that such groupings of topics might catch our readers’ eyes. You might consider whether we could be of service to you in the following situations:

  • A car accident in which the other person was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or the internet (texting, calling, or surfing)
  • An accident with a tractor-trailer in which the driver lacked experience or was driving overnight and thus unable to pay sufficient attention
  • A situation in which a loved one experienced abusive or shoddy, negligent treatment in a nursing home or long-term care facility
  • A fall at work where your employer did not supply the proper protective equipment
  • An injury arising from a defective vehicle, drug, or other defective purchased item.

The 2016 Top Ten Blogs List

Many people found the following topics compelling and containing informational value. If you weren’t able to keep up with your reading of our blogs last year—or if you are new to our site—may we suggest you begin with these topics? We do admit that the number one most popular topic of all may not be to your tastes. The titles of blogs are listed with their links. Happy reading!

  1. You May Not Want to Read This. Our most-read article, but the subject matter is, to say the least, disturbing: maggots in nursing home feeding tubes and in wounds. It will make you think twice if you are struggling with the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home.
  2. A New Weapon to Fight DWT (Driving While Texting). Texting and driving continue to be a problem, and they don’t mix any better than drinking and driving do. A new product called the Textalyzer is in development. Think of it as a Breathalyzer for your cell phone.
  3. Keyless Equals Dangerous. A lot of us still use keys to start our cars, but the new “push-button” ignitions are catching on—and they do have some risks.
  4. OSHA’s Injury/Illness Database to Go Public. OSHA is publicizing injuries and illnesses for different companies. The greater transparency regarding employers and their work environments could help you if you are looking for work.
  5. Drivin’ My Life Away… A shortage of truck drivers should be good news for the people seeking jobs, right? However, you might stop and consider the risks of unleashing a flood of inexperienced 18-wheeler truck drivers on our roads.
  6. Risky Remedies: Overdosing on Cold and Flu Medications. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be dangerous when combined. Just because you can buy them as easily as a candy bar doesn’t mean there are no hazards.
  7. 2015’s Top Ten OSHA Violations. If you work in injury-prone commercial areas such as construction, industrial sites, and factories, you might want to take a look at this article. A lot of folks did.
  8. You Don’t Want These Number Ones. We have the top causes of death and serious injuries in the workplace. Organ damage (internal injuries) due to these causes can be catastrophic.
  9. The Risks of Deadheading and Bobtailing. If you’re not familiar with trucking lingo, you likely won’t know what these terms mean. And you should learn what they mean in order to recognize the risks.
  10. Recent Multi-Car Pileup Settlements. Winter driving with its whiteouts, as well as driving in other adverse conditions, can translate into a chain-reaction crash. That’s a nightmare scenario no one wants to contemplate.

We hope that your life is so filled with positive experiences that you never need our services. However, should you need help, we at McNeely Stephenson would be pleased and proud to assist you.

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