Recent Multi-Car Pileup Settlements

Recent winters have been, to put it plainly, terrible. 2013, 2014, 2015—all have brought us snowstorms and ice storms that resulted in multi-car highway accidents, killing and injuring dozens of people. But winter is not the only reason that pileup accidents can happen.

Reasons for (Chain) Reactions

Multi-car pileups, also known as chain-reaction crashes, often happen when weather conditions are severe; sometimes, drivers cannot help hitting other vehicles. But factors besides weather can be involved, such as:

  • Driver distraction
  • Driver impairment from alcohol, drugs, or even lack of sleep
  • Simple, sheer carelessness.

In April, 2016, a settlement was reached in a case involving four of the five nursing students who died in a fiery crash on I-16 near Savannah, GA, during April of 2015. The five died while sitting in traffic because a tractor-trailer plowed into them. It was reported that the truck driver hit the stopped cars at approximately 68 mph, with no signs of having hit the brakes.

Civil suits were brought against the truck’s owner, the driver, and other parties, with one survivor’s family reportedly receiving $14 million in damages. But money is not the point here. If it were your child who died, would money be any consolation whatsoever? Still, financial penalties can often be the only way to make someone feel punished in cases where people die due to negligence.

Winter Woes and Whiteouts

We previously reported several pileups on Indiana roads during a single week of February, 2014: multi-car accidents in Delaware, Huntington, Whitley, DeKalb, Fulton, and LaPorte counties. Recently a suit was filed because of a Delaware County accident on southbound I-69 near State Road 28 during February of 2015—just one year later. A couple is suing East Allen County Schools and two trucking companies. Although the couple had pulled to the right shoulder in an effort to avoid an accident because of whiteout conditions, they claim they would not have been hit in the pileup if it hadn’t been for chain reactions. Physical injuries that may be permanent were suffered by the woman, and damages are being sought amid claims of negligence and carelessness on the part of several parties.

A September, 2015, settlement was reached in a wrongful death suit involving a 2013 chain-reaction accident occurring in nearby Detroit. While the settlement details were not released, the suit was brought against the driver of a tractor-trailer and the company he worked for. Two children died in that wreck on I-75 during snow squalls on Detroit’s southwest side. Altogether, 43 passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers were involved in 12 separate crashes over a one-mile length of interstate, with one other death and several serious injuries reported.

We at McNeely Stephenson urge you to drive with care, especially when weather conditions deteriorate, or when roads are crowded and traffic is slowing or stalled. We don’t want you or your loved ones to become a statistic.

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After a multi-car pile-up on Indiana roads, you’re likely to be feeling confused and shocked. You may be trying to recover from broken bones and lacerations while depending on various solutions to ease your discomfort and get you through both day and night. If the accident has caused you to miss work, you’ll be worried about supporting your family and paying your bills.

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