Truck Accident Case

We took more than 60 depositions in five different states. Because of Stephenson’s tireless advocacy, shortly before the trial was to commence, the defendants settled the case for $48.5 million.

Indianapolis Product Liability Attorney

As consumers, we are exposed to danger every day when we get into our car, fly in an airplane, go swimming, use a power tool, or simply walk across the street. We accept a certain level of risk and know it is unavoidable in our daily life. However, sometimes that level of risk is greatly exacerbated by the failure of companies to protect the safety of people using their products. When someone is injured, an Indianapolis product liability attorney can seek compensation on their behalf.

Why Choose Us as Your Defective Product Attorney

A trusted advisor and proven advocate since 1982, we have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact consumer injuries can have upon victims and how these injuries affect the lives of our clients. Our entire legal team is dedicated to investigating what happened, what went wrong and securing the best possible outcome for each client. A defective product attorney at Stephenson Rife brings the full weight of our 30+ years of experience and substantial financial resources to bear for each case we handle.

Mike Stephenson has been recognized by his peers as one of the top attorneys in Indiana. He has been given the highest rating possible by Martindale-Hubbell and was named a Super Lawyer in Indiana. Mike has handled litigation in 18 states and served as lead trial counsel in more than 100 civil jury trials. The legal team at Stephenson Rife also includes Attorney Brady Rife, who prepares each case as though it may be tried in court. We have achieved outstanding case results, and we have many satisfied clients.

How We Can Help

At Stephenson Rife, we leverage technology to prove your case. An Indianapolis product injury attorney uses state-of-the-art software to integrate sound, moving images, still photos and animation, creating powerful presentations that demonstrate the causes and consequences of the serious injuries our clients suffered. We consult world-renowned experts to help us make our case to the jury.

Our reputation precedes us when we enter negotiations with insurance companies and other attorneys. They know that our product injury lawyer is thoroughly prepared and willing to take a case to trial to get a client maximum compensation. That reputation gives our clients a significant advantage throughout the legal process.

As relentless as we are with the opposition, we are dedicated, compassionate allies to our clients. Our product liability attorney prides himself on the exceptional, responsive service we provide. Let our Indianapolis product injury attorney fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. Here are reasons to choose our law firm:

  • Our attorneys possess decades of legal experience.
  • Our lawyers are not afraid to fight aggressively on your behalf.
  • We have a winning track record in personal injury cases.
  • Our attorneys offer top-notch client service.
  • We communicate openly and frequently with the clients we serve.

At Stephenson Rife, a defective product lawyer understands your family needs to be cared for and protected. We have decades of experience, can speak authoritatively about our areas of specialty, and are proud of our winning track record. We’ve won millions of dollars in damages for our clients. Our attorneys have had the profound privilege of advocating on behalf of:

  • a 14-year-old young lady injured in an SUV accident caused by a defective tire;
  • a 55-year-old father who sustained crushing injuries due to a design defect found in a piece of work equipment;
  • the family and friends of four killed in a vehicle accident due to a tire separation;
  • a 34-year-old pipe fitter who sustained a severe brain injury caused by a malfunctioning lift at work;
  • and many others injured through a defective product. To read their stories, see our case results page.

See Our Case Results

We have helped victims who have suffered serious personal injuries, including paralysis, brain and spinal cord injuries, head trauma and other catastrophic injury.

You’re not alone in your hour of need. We are here for you. We offer a free consultation so you can find out how the law protects you. Call us at (317) 680-2501.

Indiana Medical Device Replacements & Recalls

Medical devices save thousands of lives each year. Many, many more lives are improved through the use of equipment which eases pain, enhances mobility or improves surgical outcomes. Unfortunately, thousands are injured when something goes wrong in the design, manufacture, or implantation of defective medical devices. Medical device manufacturers have a responsibility, imposed both by law and by ethics, to make products that are safe and provide the intended benefit. When they fail in their responsibility and individuals are injured, a defective product lawyer can seek damages to aid your recovery and provide for your future.

Medical Device Recalls

Companies Can Fail To Protect The Very Customers Their Business Depends On

Most consumers are surprised to learn of the frequent and extreme injuries caused by products we use daily. Products we assume are safe, properly engineered, and meticulously constructed too often fail and leave lives damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

Our lawyers have successfully taken on the manufacturers and sellers of vehicles, power tools, medical devices, appliances, recreational equipment and more. We gather evidence, interview witnesses, review accident reports, reconstruct accident scenes, and even hire expert witnesses, if needed, to prove our clients’ cases. We are unafraid to go toe-to-toe with insurance company attorneys to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

$2.25 million secured from a national home kitchen appliance company for burns our client suffered.

Stephenson Rife secured a settlement for $2,250,000 from a national home kitchen appliance company for a client who suffered scald burns to her body because of a defective product. At the first settlement conference, the defense claimed it would never pay Stephenson Rife’s client anywhere close to $1,000,000. After meticulously combing through over 200,000 documents produced by the company and conducting depositions in six different states, the team at Stephenson Rife was able to establish that key upper management knew about the defective nature of the product’s causing the same type of scald injuries to other consumers at least two years before the incident involving Stephenson Rife’s client. The team at Stephenson Rife resolved the case a week before trial for more than double what the defense claimed it would never pay their client.

Damages You May Be Entitled To

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a defective product, you could be entitled to economic and non-economic damages. These include:


  • Medical and doctor bills
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Property damage
  • Funeral and burial expenses (in the event of wrongful death).


  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium.

Your Indianapolis product liability attorney can advise you about the damages you may be entitled to based on the unique aspects of your case.

Indiana Product Liability Law and Statute of Limitations

A defective product in Indiana is a product:

  • That a reasonable person wouldn’t foresee is defective;
  • That causes an unreasonable danger to individuals using the product in a reasonable way;
  • That has been packaged or labeled without adequate warnings; and
  • That doesn’t provide clear instructions about the product’s use.

The statute of limitations for filing a product liability claim in Indiana is two years after the injury occurs, or within 10 years of delivery of the defective product to the original consumer. (Indiana Code Title 34. Civil Law and Procedure 34-20-3-1(b)).

What Makes Our Indiana Product Attorneys Different?

Lives can be altered in a millisecond when an accident happens. Serious injuries can quickly leave the victim drowning under the pressure of unpaid medical bills, with the uncertain future of lost income and disability. As devastating as these circumstances are to families, we have also been at the side of families who have lost a mother, father or child to catastrophic events – the greatest loss of all.

One consideration that sets us apart is our team approach to litigating your claim. We are committed to bringing together the most qualified experts available (irrespective of cost) to uncover what happened. Your experts will come from around the world if necessary. Consumer product claims can be complex, and the proficiency of your experts is crucial in both the investigation and litigation phases of your claim.

With Stephenson Rife, you don’t just work with one product injury lawyer who is skilled in his craft. You work with an entire team of legal professionals who are compassionate, wise and caring.

Getting The Right Experts on Your Side Is Critical

The opponents in product liability cases are often huge corporations with large amounts of money set aside to fight these claims. These companies have resources, and they are willing to use them to protect their bottom lines and their reputations. We have resources, too.

When you hire our Indianapolis product liability attorney, you are enlisting the help necessary to take on large corporations and insurance companies. We offer free consultations, and there is no fee for any of our work if we don’t win your case. Contact us at (317) 680-2501.

You can be assured that our lawyers, and our financial resources, are willing to go the distance on your behalf.

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