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Chemical Burn Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis

There are few things more horrific than chemical burns, a very specific type of burn injury.  When we handle these burn cases, our Indianapolis burn injury lawyer understand the pain, scarring, susceptibility to infection, and long healing times associated with chemical burns. They are dedicated to helping victims recover the compensation they deserve after suffering these devastating injuries.  They can happen on your skin, in your eyes or internally if a caustic substance is swallowed.  Whether experienced on the job, at home, out in public, in a vehicle crash or during an industrial chemical spill, chemical burns are extremely serious and can leave a victim scarred and sometimes maimed for life.

Pain and suffering are also heightened by the shame and embarrassment caused by disfigured limbs and skin.  If you have been the victim of a chemical burn, it is important that you have legal representation by a chemical burn injury lawyer.  While you pursue medical treatment with doctors and begin to heal, let a chemical burn injury lawyer fight for your rights in court.  You may have a long road ahead of you with additional surgeries, reconstruction and rehabilitation, and it’s the job of a burn injury lawyer to make sure that your medical bills and lost wages are compensated for monetarily by guilty parties.

Some of those entities that are potentially culpable include:

  • Your employer
  • The chemical manufacturer
  • The product distributor
  • The other driver and their insurance company
  • A logistics or transportation company
  • A commercial landlord

Our Chemical Burn Injury Lawyers Have Experience You Need

If you have been injured in a chemical burn, contact the attorneys at Stephenson Rife at 317-680-2501 for a free initial consultation.  Our chemical burn injury lawyers possess years of experience in aggressively representing chemical burn victims and protecting their rights under the law.  You have your hands full pursuing medical treatment and getting better.  Let us handle the legal end of things.  We will be part of your team and help you put your life back together.

Chemical companies have very large in-house legal departments whose job it is to limit the company’s liability and rebuff individual claims of wrongdoing.  That’s why it’s so important for you not to go it alone.  Stephenson Rife has the resources and staff necessary to go toe-to-toe with corporate lawyers on your behalf.

What Are Chemical Burns?

A chemical burn occurs when your skin or eyes come into contact with an irritant or its fumes, such as an acid or a base. Chemical burns are also known as caustic burns, according to Healthline. They may cause a reaction on your skin or within your body. These burns can affect your internal organs if chemicals are swallowed.

You should immediately check your mouth for cuts or burns if you swallow a chemical. You should also call a local poison control center or go to the emergency room right away if you swallow a chemical.  Call 911 if someone you know has a chemical burn and is unconscious.

What Causes Chemical Burns?

Acids and bases cause most chemical burns. Burns caused by chemicals can happen at school, work, or any place where you handle chemical materials. Some of the most common products that cause chemical burns are:

  • car battery acid
  • bleach
  • ammonia
  • denture cleaners
  • toilet and drain cleaners
  • oven cleaners
  • fertilizers
  • teeth whitening products
  • pool chlorination products
  • industrial solvents
  • concrete mix
  • paint thinners

Who Is at Risk for Chemical Burns?

People who are at the highest risk for chemical burns are infants, older adults, and people with disabilities, Healthline states. These groups may not be able to handle chemicals properly. You may be at increased risk for chemical burns if you’re handling acids or other chemicals without assistance and you have decreased mobility.  Persons working in medical and research laboratories, industrial cleaning, and some paint application facilities can also be exposed to chemical burns and poisoning on the job.

Indianapolis chemical burn injury lawyer
If you believe you have experienced a chemical burn, contact a doctor or go to a hospital emergency room promptly.  If you need legal representation after suffering a burn, contact chemical burn attorneys at Stephenson Rife at 317-680-2501.

What Are the Symptoms of Chemical Burns?

The symptoms of chemical burns can vary, depending on how the burn occurred, Healthline states. A burn caused by a chemical you swallowed will cause different symptoms than burns that occur on your skin. The symptoms of a chemical burn will depend on:

  • the length of time your skin was in contact with the chemical
  • whether the chemical was inhaled or swallowed
  • whether your skin had open cuts or wounds or was intact during contact
  • the location of contact
  • the amount and strength of the chemical used
  • whether the chemical was a gas, liquid, or solid.

For example, if you swallow an alkaline chemical, it will cause burns on the inside of your stomach. This may produce different symptoms than a chemical burn on your skin.
In general, the common symptoms associated with chemical burns include:

  • blackened or dead skin, which is mainly seen in chemical burns from acid
  • irritation, redness, or burning in the affected area
  • numbness or pain in the affected area
  • loss of vision or changes in vision if chemicals have come into contact with your eyes.

Some of the following symptoms may also occur if you’ve swallowed a chemical:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • headache
  • low blood pressure
  • cardiac arrest or heart attack
  • shortness of breath
  • coughing
  • seizures
  • dizziness
  • muscle twitches

How Are Chemical Burns Diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will make a diagnosis based on several factors. These may include:

  • the level of pain in the affected area
  • the amount of damage to the area
  • the depth of the burn
  • signs of possible infection
  • the amount of swelling present.

What Are the Types of Chemical Burns?

Your doctor will classify the burn according to the extent of the injury and the depth of the burn itself:

  • Injury to the top layer of skin, or the epidermis, is called a superficial burn. This was formerly called a first-degree burn.
  • Injury to the second layer of skin, or the dermis, is called a partial-thickness injury or dermal injury. This was formerly called a second-degree burn.
  • Injury to the third layer of skin, or subcutaneous tissue, is referred to as a full-thickness injury. This was formerly called a third-degree burn.

Get Help from Our Indianapolis Chemical Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries can be severe and life altering.  If you have received chemical burns at work, school, home, at a store or restaurant, or while driving, you need to seek medical help immediately.  If your burns are so severe that hospitalization is required, medical bills pile up or you are unable to work, then you likely need legal representation.  Contact the Indianapolis chemical burn injury attorneys at Stephenson Rife at 317-680-2501  for an initial consultation about your case.  We are here to help.

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