4 Dangers to Avoid This Fall

4 Dangers to Avoid This Fall

There’s something unmistakable about fall. The humidity drops off. The nights become chilly. We fall back into patterns that define most of our year – school resumes, our favorite TV shows come back on the air and the nation’s most popular sports begin their seasons.

As we wonder where the summer months have gone and say things like, “It’s football weather,” we tend to overlook some of the negative aspects of autumn. Some of the dangers that pop up during the fall months are subtler than others, but all are worth our attention.

4 Fall Safety Reminders

  • School zone safety – Regardless of whether you are a student, have a child who goes to school or simply drive a vehicle during the morning or afternoon hours, you have a vested interest in minimizing hazards in school zones. Remember that school buses have blind spots encompassing several feet around the perimeter of the vehicle. Teach your children to be mindful of this “danger zone.” Drivers should also do their part to observe school zone speed limits and brake around stopped school buses.
  • Driving safety – For many autumn enthusiasts, fall is the perfect time of year to pack up the vehicle and take a road trip to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. Many of our favorite holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, also occur in the fall. In other words, it’s never too early to plan your trips so you can avoid potential vehicle accidents. Map your route ahead of time to avoid getting lost, avoid distraction inside your vehicle and have your car inspected to make sure everything is in working order. If you’ll be attending gatherings this fall and plan on drinking, make sure you arrange transportation ahead of time.
  • Mind your health – The flu season begins in the fall, which makes it a perfect time to revisit flu prevention protocol. Everyone should consider getting a vaccination, but it’s especially important for children and the elderly. If you know someone is ill, avoid being around them until they feel better. Always keep your hands clean and remind your kids to do the same; germs often spread at schools and are then brought home to the rest of the family.
  • Brace for the cold weather – With the colder weather come even more hazards. Slick surfaces increase the chances of a fall injury, so ready your home with shovels and salt to keep surfaces ice-free. Check the insulation in your home and be sure to test batteries of carbon monoxide detectors (which your home should have). If you need to use space heaters, keep them away from flammable objects, and don’t sleep with the space heater running.

Fall is a wonderful time of year if you take the steps to make it as safe as possible. These safety tips represent just a few of the things you can do set up a happy, healthy autumn for you and your family.

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