Indiana Personal Injury

Indiana Personal Injury Claims

Our Indiana personal injury lawyers have been successfully litigating personal injury cases in Indiana since 1982. Our lives today expose us to more risks than ever before. We spend twice as much time in our cars than we did 25 years ago [Accident Cases]. While workplace safety regulations have greatly expanded over the years, so too have the number of companies willing to skirt those regulations to enhance their profit margins [Worker Injury]. The volume of goods shipped across our highways continues to grow, increasing the risk of truck wrecks. Changes in our healthcare field have created medical miracles while also encouraging dynamics that can lead to medical malpractice. And, in too many tragedies (for example, Drunk Driving Crashes), fatalities occur.

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Indianapolis Car Accident

Vehicle Accidents in Indiana

We rely on our vehicles and our roads to carry us between destinations. But sometimes something goes wrong. We were defense attorneys … now we use what we learned to help our clients prove their cases. It seems we are always on the move. Our daily commute, picking the kids up from basketball practice, then a quick stop at the grocery – and by the end of the day it can feel like we’ve not left our cars. A financial recovery cannot always heal all wounds or restore life to be exactly the way it was before the car accident — but it can help you discover and enjoy a hopeful new normal.

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Medical Malpractice Indiana

Medical Malpractice

As patients, we rely on the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. We operate with the assumption that our physician has exercised the most reasonable care in their duties. In most cases this is true – but, regrettably, not in all cases. When healthcare professionals breach their duty, we keep ours. An Indianapolis personal injury lawyer in our investigative team will go to work immediately to uncover the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of medical injuries caused by malpractice. We are committed to bringing together the most qualified experts available (irrespective of cost) to uncover what happened.

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Indianapolis Worker Injury

Workplace Injuries in Indiana

Our country was built on the backs of past generations. Americans have always taken pride in hard work and a job well done. We understand there are hazards in our workplaces. Accidents happen – but could it have been prevented? Over 100 workers are killed in Indiana each year due to workplace accidents. In addition to these preventable worker deaths, Indiana also reported an illness and injury rate of 3.9 per 100 workers.

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Drug Prescription

Defective Products / Class Actions

The opponents in these cases are often huge corporations with large amounts of money. We have resources too. With more than 30 years experience, our product liability attorneys know how to secure positive results. As consumers, we are exposed to danger every day when we get into our car, fly in an airplane, go swimming, use a power tool or simply walk across the street. We accept a certain level of risk and know it is unavoidable in our daily life. However, often that level of risk is greatly exacerbated by the failure of companies to protect the safety of people using their products.

Class Action Lawsuits

Fatality Lawsuits

Fatality Lawsuits / Wrongful Death

The loss of a parent, child or spouse leaves a family changed forever. With time, there can be healing in the grief process and a small measure of justice and peace through the legal process. Some of your first questions might be: Have you helped others like me before? What types of financial recovery can be secured? It is important to the memory of your lost family member and the future of the remaining family members to pursue a legal investigation to fully understand what happened.

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